I'm not sure if this is the proper subreddit to ask this in, if it isn't please let me know and I'll delete this.

With that said, I don't aspire to ever publish, it's just an exercise, as a love story would be a first one for me. I'm trying to avoid cheesy cliches and I'm shooting for a slow burn kind of story.

My idea was to have the protagonist be your regular woman and by that I mean no past traumas, not a wall flower but also not an extreme extrovert, not an exemple of a golden heart but also not a malicious person. She'd be your ordinary person, going on about her life. She's meet the love interest through work and he'd be aloof, slightly "stuck up", closed off and with a more complicated past (maybe the death of a sibling, high pressure family). Perhaps he'd be in a position of power over her and I could develop their relationship from there.

Could this be an idea that would work? I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible but, the more I think about it, the more Bella Swan it sounds, specially considering that the love interest sounds like a far more compeling character.

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