Did Spanish Peasantry Live Especially Difficult Lives in Comparison to Others? And if so, What Contributed to their Poor Living Conditions?


Round two, hopefully this time it's less subjective and all that.

So for starters, don't get your history from Age of Empires 2. But here's what the Conqueror's manual said about the Spanish unique tech Supremacy:

""The peasants of Spain lived especially hard lives in an era when life was not easy for anyone. The difference was that Spain was a battleground for much of the Middle Ages as the Christian kingdoms in the north strived to reconquer the peninsula from Saracens who had invaded in the 8th century. Spanish peasants were therefore also warriors part of the time. This was a fact that the French army under Napoleon would learn the hard way in the early 19th century."

So obviously, Age of Empires 2 makes the claim that Spanish peasants lived especially difficult lives and that this is mostly due to Moorish occupation. Is this substantiated, and if it is, did other conditions contribute to the claimed poor living conditions?

Gonna blatantly copy this part from the mod mail, since I can't phrase it better:

Since it can be hard to compare standards of living across time, what would a 'hard' and 'easy' peasant life look like at the time? Where did the Spanish peasants of the day fall in that spectrum?

Hopefully this is a better question than the OG.

Source: reddit post


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