Disabled during the Holocaust


I often read about, along with Hitler's Jewish victim's,the goal of the Nazis was also to eliminate disabled people,gay and lesbians,"feeble minded",etc along with the entire Jewish race, during the Holocaust..First of all, almost all examples (that I can find readily)seem to be super unspecified,or hint at what would today be called mental illness..What we consider disabled today,is that what would put you in a concentration camp then?(Blind,deaf, quadriplegic,or even missing an arm,etc, enough to get you killed,or hunted down like the jews were?)I've always felt,as a deaf man,that I would of been exterminated then,I wear a hearing aid,can hear my name yelled from behind quite easily,but without my device, obviously which didn't exist back then,I'm almost 100% deaf,and would of definitely been considered defective by the Nazis.Even in America, during the first 70 years of the 1900s,life was hell,and the cruelity was astonishing for people like me, right?Is there any further info out there, especially/specifically related to deafness? Thanks for your patience,i also have ADHD,not making excuses,but it does cause to ramble and write to fast and sometimes seem to not focus, please excuse my writing style!

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