I'm twenty. My grammar skills are almost nonexistent but I've been told by teachers that I write with a punch. (Whatever that means).

I've been toying with this idea for a solid six months. Main characters, world building, politics, religions, everything you need for a (potentially) well rounded novel, I've got all down. I even started brainstorming up the main characters ancestors for fun. All that's left to do is write the damn thing. Problem is that every time I sit down to start, I end up convincing myself that I'm too young, or too inexperienced, or not ambitious enough to take on such a task as writing a book that could (potentially) be published.

It's not that this is my first book. I started taking writing seriously five years ago, and since then have written four books averaging at around 150,000 words each. My short stories make up around an additional 50,000 words. (Roughly 650,000 words. 800,000 if I factor in all the works that I started but never finished.)

– Note these works have never, and will never, touch the light of day. I know crap when I see it, and although I've gotten progressively better, I never intended for anyone to read them. I just wanted to write.

Now to me, this number (hesitantly) tells me that I'm ready for bigger things. When I sit down to work though, my brain instantly switches gears and yelps at me that the number is completely minuscule compared to what a real writer would consider palpable or that my gradual improvement was all in my imagination. (Stupid brain.) Normally I would just ask one of my friends or family for advice, but literally no one knows that I write. So I'm here looking for a smidgen of help from you guys.

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My question is: Do you think that I have enough under my belt to create something worth a shelf? Do my doubts have some meat to them?

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