I have a mindset that an author shouldn't explain "The meaning behind the story", to me, it should speak for itself and if someone wants to know what it is about he should just read it and this is something I want to keep in mind as an aspiring author. I can see where this can create problems with misinterpretations that can compromise the author's image and give him an opinion on a matter based on what was the message taken by most people on his story.

I recently had an idea for a new villain to use in the story I'm currently writing, my basic idea is a man who loses his brothers on Iraq, blames the military recruitment and seeks revenge. You see, I don't have a "message" behind this character, he loses his brother and gets pissed, that's all, but considering this context, I'm afraid that it can be interpreted as a critique to either the military recruitment or people against the military recruitment.

These kinds of characters or plot points on delicate matters make me be concerned about my own mindset of "Never explain the meaning" and even being more careful about how I write. I want to know who else here is also concerned about possible misinterpretations and what message or meaning you want to pass.

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