I'm writing a story and I find that, while I have a very general and very vague idea of what my whole story will be, it's difficult to know all the details before beginning writing. For the most part, I've kind of just been figuring stuff out as I go along (adding another scene here and there, adjusting information, etc)

I just wanted to know, is there a correct way to write? (I know this is probably a silly question but i'm curious). I really enjoy the way I write now because it works for me, but I also don't want my final product to be a jumbled mess with lots of random information. (Kind of like the show Lost, where some critics said it seemed like they just put confusing information and random unnecessary plot points. I guess they did it right though cause that show is amazing)

Is anyone else like this? Are there any techniques that can help me be sure to stay organized with the plot, while not stifling any creative flow?


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