That question will probably sound rather vague and obvious to most people – I mean we all get inspired by other stories – but the thing is I'm writing this thread because I'm curious to know if people here find inspiration the way I do.

I noticed my ideas often spawn from consuming other products and wanting to either take one or several aspects from them or change them.

Sometime, when I read a book, watch a show or play a game, I find myself thinking "Wow, now I want to write something in that vein!". Or I look at a character and just want to write about them but in an original setting, so I sort of give them a make up and put them in a setting sometime drastically different from the one they evolve in for them to evolve in – like say, "The protagonist's best friend is pretty fun, but how fun would it be if he found himself becoming the Chosen One when he's clearly not fit for that role?" or even "I wonder how that guy would react and adapt to having a harem after him, especially if there was x and y girl from the original work involved…" (Those examples are pretty cliché, I'll give you that)

I also get inspired when I think there was a missed opportunity within that story, and it makes me want to write a story: "that character could have had such an interesting development had he not been pushed to the side", "those two characters could have had such an interesting dynamic as a couple" (aka "I'm mad my OTP isn't canon"), "that aspect of the universe could have been explored more", "it would have been so interesting if x had happened instead of y".

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Hell, sometime I look at a story or a universe and think "I like it but I would enjoy it more if…" and so I think of how I would change this or that aspect, then muse on how I could remodel the universe to make it a far cry from the one it's based on, so to avoid plagiarism, while keeping the essence of what I want changed and of what I liked about the original work to begin with.

Sometime those kind of things are a passing thought, and some other time it ends with a(n often incomplete) skeleton for a story. There are even fan fiction ideas I have that I'm tempted to turn into their own thing.

Have you ever been in any of those scenarios? If so, have you eventually written full fledged out of them? Would you give advice regarding that way of finding ideas?

Thanks for reading!

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