An excerpt from chapter 3 of my novel:

POV character Groen Viliiam has just inadvertly led a mutiny with the help of Bayden Riverbrook, "a soldier who fights for hope" who now commands a small force of one hundred patrolmen in the hope of giving his father's company the reinforcements they desperately need.

Groen sat on the cold hard ground at the waist-deep lake's edge,staring at the reflection of The Gash's three moons, and tried very hard to think of it as only red water. Bayden Riverbrook and his men sat gathered around a fire a little ways away, discussing tactics. A slight fog creeped out from his lips, his teeth chattering, as he sighed and hung his head. A gust of hot air blew across the crimson surface of the lake, originating from the boundary line of Division Twenty-Two some 300 paces away. The overpowering scent of iron blasted his face as the warm brezze streaked through his black hair. He looked up, caramel brown eyes, fixing on the perpetual line of creatures push step form the dead of night into the light of mid-morning. After some time, Bayden came and crouched beside him. " Having second thoughts?" Asked the big man, smiling at Groen. " I never imagined the smell," Groen said, his breath visible. " My father used to tell me stories when I was younger and we finished training for the day. I dreamt of fighting alongside him. I had nightmares about The Gash's many creatures, but I never once thought about the sickening sweet smell of rotting flesh or the acrid iron scent of blood." " I won't lie boy. It looks bad. Worse than I have ever seen before," said the Scarred warrior. " Yeah. I know you said that without hope, evil wins and all, but that is a literal lake of blood," Groen said. " You said your name is Villiam. Right Boy?" The man asked, the thin white lines on his face visible, in the moonlight. "I once knew a man named Villiam. I fought with him for many years. The man was an excellent fighter and peerless tactician. Not many men make it to retirement in the army of the emperor." "That's my father. He took a commision in the Fourth Company after retirement. Do you really think he can beat that?," Groen asked the man, nodding in the direction of the creatures. " I think you underestimate your father. He is the only man i have ever heard of retiring while serving in the infantry. The emperor's rules are grueling. Surviving one hundred battles is no easy feat. I had heard rumors that he re-enlisted, but I thought they were lies. What could drive a man to such insanity?" " My five year old brother, Adek, was born without an arm. the day after he was born he spoke to an imperial minister and requested to begin service to take Adek's place." " He's a good man. a real warrior of Hope. I think he would gladly accept our help, though. I never thought of him as a fool," he finished, as he stood. He pulled his belt knife and strode into the lake. Groen watched as all around him the other men did likewise. Armed with only their belt knives they pushed towards the throbbing mass of creatures. Groen, eyes fixed on the boundary and what lay beyond it,waded into the warmth of the bloody lake sliding his kife from his belt. "I'm coming father," he thought, determined.

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