It’s not necessarily that I have a problem with the awards themselves as much as I do with the pieces that are submitted. I’m sorry, but 95% of the kids who enter into this contest are absolutely terrible at writing. You will not believe all the stories that:

•Were littered with grammatical errors when they were first published •Started with dialogue, were filled with cliches, had Mary Sues for characters (ugh) •Were either completely uninteresting, unfunny, or otherwise poorly written/confusing •Had little to no originality

On top of all this, the people critiquing the entries have a clear bias against hard sci-fi, political comedy, historical fiction, and erotica. Some of my friends wrote absolutely beautiful pieces that only got honorable mentions because they were too “complex” or “sophisticated.”

I can’t be the only one, can I? I love Scholastic and I think they deserve way better than what’s submitted to the contests. Some of the Gold Medalists in the contests are mediocre at best and probably wouldn’t pass in a college fiction writing class.

I’m expecting to get downvoted for this but I’m just curious to hear what others think.

(For anyone wondering, I’ve never participated and don’t plan on participating)

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