I read a story on wattpad that’s only 12 chapters in so far and it made me like my story significantly less. I keep going to write and then thinking about how I like the plot and characters of the author’s story so much better than my own, and she’s only just started her book!

is it just me that does this? I know everyone says to read a lot and write a lot to improve, but sometimes when I read I just get really discouraged about my own stories.

any responses are appreciated, and thank you for reading 🙂

edit: summarized my original post (thanks u/GT_Knight)

edit 2: wow, you guys. thank you so much to everybody who’s responded. it genuinely has not only improved my mindset about reading/writing, but it’s made me feel better in general. tonight was looking to be a pretty miserable one for me, but all of you just made me smile over and over with each reply.

sometimes I just get in my head and doubt my own potential and determination to improve enough to be on the level of other authors, but your guys’ shared insight, experiences, and admittance to going through the same thing has helped me an indescribable amount.

I appreciate all of you and I cannot thank you enough 🙂

edit 3: a bunch of you are saying you’ve felt the same way before, and if you still do, I implore you to read through the comments of this post. each reply is so encouraging and heartwarming to read. u/TheShadowKick just responded with

video that really helped me with this whole topic, so thank you to them, and to all of you as well!!

Read:  I HATE writing and I almost never want to sit down and do it...but I do it anyway because that's the only way to write anything.

I’m probably going to sleep soon (or not, we’ll see) so if there are any more replies, I’ll be sure to get back to you in the morning!!

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