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I've been told many times that using the 5 senses is important in order to create an organic and realistic description and immerse the reader in a scene. While I usually manage to maintain a balance between all of them in a text, I need to focus exclusively on olfaction, the sense of smell in the scene I'm writing.

To sum it up, the protagonist is alone in the family's house and just went through a transformation that altered his appearance but also heightened his senses, particularly his sense of smell which brings him to smell a lot of different odours that he usually couldn't smell.

I started a list of things he could smell, and so far I came up with the scent of the wood flooring, his mother's cosmetic perfume (even if she sprayed it once and left an hour ago, meaning that the smell would have faded since then) and later in the scene, motor oil and kebab from outside, which suddenly reminds him that is friend is coming over on his motorcycle with the food he brought with him and is about to enter the house.

Do you have ideas of what kind of (unusual) scents you could find in a house ? It is set nowadays in a regular house, if that can help.

Thank you very much if you can help me !

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