Hello everyone,

I am currently a dual enrollment freshmen (HS Junior & College Freshman) who is interested in pursuing a Ph.D in History and going to to become a professor. I would like to first understand what I am getting into so I would like to participate in a summer program or internship at a History Center or similar place. Because I am both a college freshman and a high school student, I could apply to programs that are eligible for both. I have a good academic record and am trying to start up independent research with a History professor, so I have at least decent qualifications.

Does anyone know of any programs or internships offered to freshmen in college or high school students? There are so many summer research programs for STEM for both high school and college students, but I’m having a real tough time finding any for History majors. Even if it is not History exactly, any program/internship in the humanities that you know of would be of great help to me.

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