I've wanted to write some crime stories for a while now due to my love for Thomas Harris's writing, and everyone knows that any great monster of a human who will be your story's villian, has to come with some kind of way he does his heinous deeds. I want to get into very good perspective of which methods the killer will use, and mostly how they work. For example most people know that when you strangle somebody you cut off their oxygen, but alot of people don't know that strangulation also restricts bloodflow to the brain since the arteries in the neck are being squeezed. Another Example would be a scene from the movie No Country For Old Men, in which the main antagonist, hired hit-man Anton Chigurh breaks out of jail. Bascially what he does is he uses his handcuffs to strangle the police officer who has his back turned to him. What was interesting about this is that many people point out that Chigruh moves along in the direction of the Officer's flailing as to not give him any leverage to break free. Later on in the movie Chigurh rents a motel room for the sole purpose of understanding the layout of the room and planning out what could happen, who could pop out from which room or closet. He then uses that information to go into another room within the motel and kills his targets. It's the simple yet sinister methods like these that really make a criminal feel authentic, and going back to my original request, I'd like to know if there's anywhere I can look up more insane and terrifying methods like these so I can really craft my fictional monster and make him feel like a real harbinger of death.

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