Not my story, actually was my friends story. Find it very fitting.

Be my friend Barista working at a mid-scale coffee shop, you know, the ones with everything from muffins to bagels to sandwiches to hot chocolate to tea to whipped cream to … oh yeah and coffee too. (Not the Grande shop, an actual Medium Latté coffee shop).

There was this Kevin client. She would come in and be hated by most of the staff. Barista, though didn't mind her, as she was always great, courteous, friendly, but really really Kevin.

Kevin: Good morning! I would like a small latté and could you please give me an Oatmeal muffin please?

Barista: Ohhh, sorry, we are all out of Oatmeal muffins, actually we are out of everything with Oatmeal, we are currently cooking them and they will be ready in twenty minutes. Can I offer you something else instead in the meantimes?

Kevin: Oh… (Looking at the display for 10 seconds) Is this muffin done with oats?

Barista: Noooo. I'm sorry, this one is with chocolate, but it doesn't have oats in it.

Kevin: Oh… (Looking at the display for 10 seconds) … a…and … does that muffin have oats?

Barista: I'm sorry, we are all out of oatmeal muffins and cookies. That one is blueberry and doesn't have oats.

Kevin: Oh… (Looking at the display for 10 seconds) … and that one, is it an oatmeal muffin?

2 minutes later, they were still going strong, contemplating every single muffin on the display.

Added bonus: Did you know Oatmeal muffins are usually jam-packed with an inordinate amount of artificial sugar and fat, and usually end up way worse calorie-wise than normal muffins? If you really want something that's with less sugar, salt and fat, the main recommendation is to do it yourself with a good recipe. Otherwise, replace half the liquids (water or whatnot) in your initial recipe with corn syrup and add up 2x the fat for that unmistakeable marketplace flavour.

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