I have made up a magic system and I was just wondering if it made sense to the rest of y'all. Basically, it works on these things called "shifts". Everyone has the ability to do magic, some people are born with one magic type and some people have the essence but need to learn to hone it to one or two magic types. Some people are born with raw magic, which is an excess of pure magic energy that can be used to switch between a bunch of different magic types or just used as pure energy. The main difference between people who learn magic and people with raw magic is that you typically only have enough magic energy to learn one type, whereas raw has endless possibilities. Anyway, hopefully that made sense. There are three "shifts" you can achieve. The first is going from human to mage, which just means you rally enough magic energy to break through the top of it and dip into your actual resources. This bit is really easy, most people can do this. The second shift is getting to the bottom of your well of magic and breaking through that to access a more powerful layer. This is a bit harder, and depending on person to person it can make a huge difference or not that much. When this happens the person glows because the energy needs to find a release. The third shift is nearly impossible to access, as it's breaking through the bottom of your second well and into the core of magic that keeps people alive. I have a lot of different types of magic that I won't list here but feel free to ask if you want to know. But let me know if that made sense, and sounds reasonable. Thanks!

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EDIT: I forgot to include the limitations so I'll go over that now. Basically if you aren't born with a really deep well then there is no way to improve it, so you're just stuck being weak. Also if you're at the bottom of you're well and you don't have enough power to break through, you get all the physical symptoms of hard exercise, short breath, sweating, even collapsing. Magic energy does regerate over time, but it takes a while and can leave you weak and vulnerable for days potentially.

I know it isn't the most inventive thing, but that's what I got. Thanks!

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