Please help, I have a narrative story that’s due tomorrow and I don’t know if my story is good enough.

So it starts with this girl having this genie come out from a lamp into her bedroom then they meet and the genie explains the rules. The girl wishes for a billion dollars then falls asleep after that, fast forward to morning and they talk and bond then she wishes her second wish of having all the knowledge a psychiatrist needs to know (cause she’s in college learning that) then the girl invites the genie to go out and have fun. They soon end up at a park and they bump into this very sick girl who could die and the protagonist feels bad. So they go back home and the girl is thinking if she should use her last wish to save the little girl but she’s having greedy thoughts about using the wish for herself. She then realizes she has to do the right thing and it ends with her asking the genie if she could make her last wish. The end. No scene of her making the wish and no scene of what happens to the girl.

I don’t know if it’s okay, does it have all the things in the plot diagram thingy? Please help.

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