It is irrational to argue that since the death penalty provides an equal loss of life in the murderer, it is the perfect punishment as the justice system cannot use this standard as a means of prescribing punishment for all crimes committed in society. It can lead to either an over lenient punishment or an overtly harsh punishment that violates the USA’s constitution that forbids the usage “unusual and cruel punishments”. Consider the case of petty theft, should the law punish criminals who steal $20 by merely taking $20 from the criminals as a form of equal punishment? Surely that is an overly lenient punishment that would be insufficient in qualifying as a harsh punishment that delivers justice. On the other end, it would be unacceptable to repeatedly rape serial rapists or to torture offenders that torture their victims as such punishments would be deemed cruel and unusual by most standards.

Does this constitute a slippery slope argument?

Source: reddit post

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