Just set up the blog for it last night. It's a one-penny-per-word dealie, so someone would send me a prompt and a desired word count and I'd write a little story for them. I've made it so they can be any length but stated that 100 words a preferable minimum for wiggle room. Does it seem like the kind of thing people will go for? I'm not expecting to make bank off it or anything, I just really want to get some work out there and like the idea of doing little commissions. Plus my work tends to go on quite long so I hope it'll help me get better at strict word counts and varied genres.

I'll also be writing a short story per day and publishing it, so that I've got continuous non-commissioned work going out to show what I can do. I don't wanna post a link here and ruffle no Moderator feathers, but does the general concept sound ok? Is it too much to ask for payment right off the bat or is a penny-per-word little enough for it to not be a big deal? Are there any non-aggressive, non-annoying ways to get the word out?

Soz if this isn't allowed, LMK where else it should/could go if so.

Source: reddit post

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