Hey guys haven’t been writing consistently for a while but I’m trying to get back into it. Would appreciate feedback on the opening to my first chapter all thoughts and opinions welcomed.

Enka creeped closer to the edge of the cliff. Small irregular shapped stones dug into the soles of her naked feet. The crimson light of the red moon, gleamed against the waves of the Black Sea. She lingered at the edge of the cliff, staring at the pebbles falling into the sea. The bridge to the afterlife was but a few footsteps away. She took a step forward and dangled her leg off the cliff. The dry nighttime air blew against her back, pushing her as if it too believed her fate laid amongst the waves. She placed a hand on her chest, rubbing her clammy fingers through the tattered fur covering her breast. She closed her eyes and pictured her body falling into the sea, her spine breaking as it collided with the jagged rocks below. She bit her lip trying to fight back the urge to smile. The citrus aroma of her husbands woolly hair. The warmth of his skin after being creamed with grounded Dembaku seeds. How Enka longed to return to the afterlife, to hold her true husband and her first child. But, the last words he uttered to her plagued her mind.
“Don’t come back” Enka’s muscles stiffend and she froze. Centuries of reincarnation blinded her of her newfound mortality.

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