I've often though about the establishment of the European universities and the transition to modern time. The breakneck speed of inventions and new ideas in the European Late Middle Ages and Early Modern period are astounding. Technology was invented then that is still hlghly recogzinable today in the tech world. I've often thought that the real transition to modern times was the Catholic Church being more permissive on orthodoxy and not calling threatening ideas heresy. One visual manifestation was the art renaissance in Florence, but it was a result of the revolution going on, not causal.

heres a list of some of my favorite people to read about during the European Medieval and Early modern period and there strong connections to the University system. I am interested in finding out more about the establishment of the modern university system which seems to have occured about 1100-1400.

Pope Sylvester II 946 (scientist pope), Córdoba (Islamic) ,cathedral school of Rheims 800s

Fibonacci 1170, North Africa travel, University Pisa ~1100s Honary degree, maths (murky)

Roger Bacon 1214, Oxford 1096 Thomas Aquinas 1225, University of Naples 1224, University of Paris 1150

John Baconthorpe 1290, Oxford 1096


Petrarch 1304, University of Montpellier 1289, University of Bologna 1088

Nicolaus Copernicus 1473, Jagiellonian University 1364, University of Bologna 1088

Martin Luther 1483, University of Erfurt 1379 (Law Degree, later became a monk)

Gerardus Mercator 1512, Old University of Leuven 1425

Andreas Vesalius 1514, University of Pavia 1361

Tycho Brahe 1546, University of Copenhagen 1479

John Napier 1550, University of St Andrews 1410

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Francis Bacon 1561, University of Cambridge 1209

Galileo Galilei 1564, University of Pisa 1343

Johannes Kepler 1571, University of Tübingen 1477

René Descartes 1596, University of Poitiers 1431

Robert Boyle 1627, Eton 1440

Christiaan Huygens 1629, Leiden University 1575

Baruch Spinoza 1632, Leiden University 1575

Isaac Newton 1642, Trinity College Cambridge 1546, University of Cambridge 1209

Gottfried Leibniz 1646, Leipzig University 1409

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