But he was not.

I don't say he was an angel either. Reality is more complex than manichean representation of the revolution.

Here are some real facts. Im not here to point who were the good and the bad guys but to give you some facts.

  • Robespierre was not one of the most radical.
  • Robespierre was not insane
  • Robespierre prefered politics than his own personal life and interests.
  • French Revolution was in facts a period of softening for people at this period, despite what we think : Today we think Guillotine is barbarian method, but relatively to this period, actually people suffered a lot more from nobles violence. Nobles and King were very cruel, and death sentences were always applied by torture to death in public. French kingdoms were insanly violent. Revolution killed far less people than kingdom in the same period of time, and with far less intensity. Sick but real. You were wrong if you think otherwise.
  • Robespierre ordered peoples death.
  • Robespierre was not alone to order peoples death.
  • Robespierre's death was ordered by an opponent.
  • Revolution was a period of high political tensions but also high political creativity. They created republic. It was totally new. None existed before. With time passing we tend to forget how it's hard to create from nothing, things that we have today as baseline.
  • Robespierre fighted for more equality and against slavery.
  • Robespierre didn't want to abolish individual property. Some people wanted, they were more radical than him.
  • Robespierre wasn't against religion. He wanted to create a republican religion. Was a failure.
  • The creator of the Guillotine was not killed by his creation. It was just a rumor.
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Enough for now

Just keep in mind that : – Robespierre is really controversial figure. Lot hate him because they think he is a monster. Some dissidents people think he was the only good guy and he was a communist, fighting for poor people were his ennemies were all individualist bourgeois

Actually all of this is wrong. He was not a monster. He never was alone as leader. He was not insane. He was not communist. He was not the most radical in his politics side. He is not more a slayer or more violent than the others politics of the revolution.

Finally, if he is pointed as an ennemy today, it's because he loosed. He loosed against bourgeois, and as he loosed, he was portrayed as a fiend.

Winners tell the tales. It's the only true thing. But real historics science can separate facts and fakes.

Realty is not a Disney. There is no good guys vs bad guys.

Edit : Assasin's creed Unity is full of oax. It's a game. Not an historic document. The only real Assasin's creed historic fidelity was apparently costumes and architectures.

Sorry for frenshy approx english.

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