I don't know if this is allowed, but I loved doing this. Basically, there are rules that need to be followed, but they are basic.


  1. Be as descriptive as you want, but you are limited to only one paragraph. Context is vital so be as descriptive as possible and keep the flow normal. Two paragraphs can be used if you need to explain the context of a scene better.

  2. No leaving sentences open. Example, “There was a shining light and…”

  3. No double posting. You must wait until all the original authors have posted in order to continue. If you wish to become an original author, you must post two story posts in turn with the others.

  4. If there are still authors that haven’t posted, you must wait until all the others have posted before you are allowed to post. This rule resets midnight of everyday. If you didn’t take your chance to post the previous day, then you fall back into the queue without getting another chance to post until all others have posted.

  5. If you are beginning a reply and it comes up saying that someone else is replying, don’t be a scrooge. Let them get their story in.

  6. Please stick to the story, persona, character background, ideology, government, world laws/rules, and setting as much as you are able to.

  7. Add characters as needed, but be descriptive and enchanting. Remember, however, any characters added to the story are expendable. If someone purposefully kills a character just because they could, their contribution will be removed and the story will restart as if you had never made the comment.

Read:  Blood-Lust

Failure to comply to these rules could result in a permanent ban from the story.

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