So I'm working a closing shift at Taco Bell and it is litterally 2 mins till we close. Three people in a car come through just hammered and order a taco twelve pack. We look over and we don't have enough beef ready for their order, so my friend/co-worker goes over and asks if they want chicken or steak in their tacos, he also tells them that their order would be given to them for free. They start freaking out so my manager comes over to try and calm them down. My friend is black so of course the next thing I hear from the window is,"Send that n*gger out I wanna fight him!" And there is a 20 something year old man at the drive through window screaming at us. "You don't want to fight that guy he's a minor" – manager

"Yeah well I'm a freshman in high school" -guy

"Bull shit you look older than me" -manager

"Yeah well I'm 17 years old" -guy

"Either you are lying to me or you are the stupidest kid i've ever met." -manager

Eventually a middle age man gets out of the car and yells in the window. They eventually took their food and left. Appearantly they called corperate Taco Bell, but nothing happened with that.

EDIT- accidentally posted in the middle of writing

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