Trying to write a Fantasy Book Series with magic and spells, although J'm having trouble with creating spells.

I have the spells separated into categories

Dueling Spells – Spells that are meant for fighting and attacking ONLY

Practical Spells – Spells for everyday uses, can have multiple uses.

White Magic – Healing and Defense Spells, pretty self explanatory

Dark Magic – Necromancy and Curses, either manipulates the dead somehow, or does long term damage to a living target, (usually mental damage)

There are no wands in my world, meaning that spells are casted by hand. Spells are triggered either with Incantations or Specific Actions.

Spells with Incantations usually have very simple Incantations like "Freeze" or "Ignite". I like to be creative, but I don't want any of the Incantations to be mouthfuls at the same time.

Non-Verbal Spells usually have simple actions, such as a flick of the wrist or simple hitting the air. For example, a Magic-User could punch the air, and the target could be blasted backwards by wind.

Any spell Ideas are welcome. I don't need anyone to go too far into detail with their spells, although if you want to, that's fine. All I've found online so far are spells meant for video games, like "Mass Entangle" or "Arcane Relocation". I'm looking for more simplistic, but at the same time, creative and semi-realistic spells.

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