I’ve made a system of government & economics that’s quite different to the traditional ones we see. (It’s set in a Renaissance world with a magical revolution)

Each area of trade/ business has a Guild (eg: Blacksmith’s Guild, Fishmonger Guild, Cobbler Guild ect…) If you have a job then You have to by law be a member of a Guild & pay taxes. In return you are trained in the craft, given a licensee to work, funds & political representation.

You start as an apprentice until you’re trained & then become a Journeyman (You can either serve as a Master Shopkeeper’s assistant or traveling freelancer) You can also work on your “Masterpiece” & when it’s approved by the Guild you’re allowed to be a Master & are given a Shop you can work in (Barkeeps’s Bar, Librarian’s Library, Blacksmith’s Shop)

Guild masters can attend Guild meetings where they discuss taxes, budget, policy & business & any requests they want to make. At the meetings there is a Grandmaster (Incharge of many Masters of a large area) and they similarly regularly attend Grand Guild meetings where GM’s (Think archbishops of trade unions) get together & talk about larger Guild matters in the entire Empire where they talk about Nation wife issues & matter regarding their guild. At the head of this is the Guild Leader. (Eg Guild Leader of Blacksmiths- 1st Master Blacksmith Bob)

Bob & other guild leaders meet up occasionally at the Union. (Like the National Parliament/ Senate of the Empire) Here all the different guild leaders talk together under the Sovereign (An elected King/ Queen) and they talk about How they should split the budget, tax each respective Guild & other policies. The Union as a collective are the Legastrative branch, they collect their own guild’s requests & needs & discuss & together with other guild leaders they settle on laws & other matters.

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The Head of State & the Executive branch is the Sovereign (King/ Queen that’s one of the Guild leaders that’s elected by the Guild leaders & serves for life) They have limited vetos over the Union’s decisions & head of a separate bureaucracy that deals with the military, collecting taxes/ distributing guild budget, & forgiven relations. (The Sovereign’s bureaucracy are all set in respective guilds eg: The Blacksmith Guild will have tax collectors & paper workers just for them in a city & surrounding region- & they are “apart of” each respective guild but only answer to the Sovereign (Apparently- Corrupt members can be unloyal to the Sovereign & get brides by their guild to “miscount” the taxes paid, ect)- Story Conflict Potential…

The Judical branch are a Semi-religious/ Martial order called the Sentinels. A warrior class like samari/ priests/ knights/ Jedi who serve as Police & law enforcers of the Empire & in times of War can lead the military. They also serve like a guild (but have no representation in the Union) & are also incharge of the Justice/ Courts system & Run the prisons.

In the Union there’s a lot of bribery, threats & political intrigue/ deals. (The blacksmiths- a powerful Guild night billy the carpenters- a less powerful but large guild to agree on a law they want to be passed.) ect.

I’m looking for both advice on how this system WOULDN’T work in real life (& advice how to fix it) & also in-world interesting consequences might this world lead to?

It’s very hard for local guild members to get their voice heard as the power is very centralised & there are issues with representation. And if you’re not apart of the guild & unemployed it’s very hard for you do enter any guild (it’s a strict class system that doesn’t allow for much movement between different guilds- but if you’re born into a family of blacksmiths you’ll probably be fine either riding the ranks of blacksmiths or moving to similar craft guilds)

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Advice? Thoughts? (If there seems like there’s issues with the system let me know- I’d be interested in how that can generate story ideas)

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