Feedback & In-world implications advice on my Empire’s Government/ Economics


I’ve made a system of government & economics that’s quite different to the traditional ones we see. (It’s set in a Renaissance world with a magical revolution)

Each area of trade/ business has a Guild (eg: Blacksmith’s Guild, Fishmonger Guild, Cobbler Guild ect…) If you have a job then You have to by law be a member of a Guild & pay taxes. In return you are trained in the craft, given a licensee to work, funds & political representation.

You start as an apprentice until you’re trained & then become a Journeyman (You can either serve as a Master Shopkeeper’s assistant or traveling freelancer) You can also work on your “Masterpiece” & when it’s approved by the Guild you’re allowed to be a Master & are given a Shop you can work in (Barkeeps’s Bar, Librarian’s Library, Blacksmith’s Shop)

Guild masters can attend Guild meetings where they discuss taxes, budget, policy & business & any requests they want to make. At the meetings there is a Grandmaster (Incharge of many Masters of a large area) and they similarly regularly attend Grand Guild meetings where GM’s (Think archbishops of trade unions) get together & talk about larger Guild matters in the entire Empire where they talk about Nation wife issues & matter regarding their guild. At the head of this is the Guild Leader. (Eg Guild Leader of Blacksmiths- 1st Master Blacksmith Bob)

Bob & other guild leaders meet up occasionally at the Union. (Like the National Parliament/ Senate of the Empire) Here all the different guild leaders talk together under the Sovereign (An elected King/ Queen) and they talk about How they should split the budget, tax each respective Guild & other policies. The Union as a collective are the Legastrative branch, they collect their own guild’s requests & needs & discuss & together with other guild leaders they settle on laws & other matters.

The Head of State & the Executive branch is the Sovereign (King/ Queen that’s one of the Guild leaders that’s elected by the Guild leaders & serves for life) They have limited vetos over the Union’s decisions & head of a separate bureaucracy that deals with the military, collecting taxes/ distributing guild budget, & forgiven relations. (The Sovereign’s bureaucracy are all set in respective guilds eg: The Blacksmith Guild will have tax collectors & paper workers just for them in a city & surrounding region- & they are “apart of” each respective guild but only answer to the Sovereign (Apparently- Corrupt members can be unloyal to the Sovereign & get brides by their guild to “miscount” the taxes paid, ect)- Story Conflict Potential…

The Judical branch are a Semi-religious/ Martial order called the Sentinels. A warrior class like samari/ priests/ knights/ Jedi who serve as Police & law enforcers of the Empire & in times of War can lead the military. They also serve like a guild (but have no representation in the Union) & are also incharge of the Justice/ Courts system & Run the prisons.

In the Union there’s a lot of bribery, threats & political intrigue/ deals. (The blacksmiths- a powerful Guild night billy the carpenters- a less powerful but large guild to agree on a law they want to be passed.) ect.

I’m looking for both advice on how this system WOULDN’T work in real life (& advice how to fix it) & also in-world interesting consequences might this world lead to?

It’s very hard for local guild members to get their voice heard as the power is very centralised & there are issues with representation. And if you’re not apart of the guild & unemployed it’s very hard for you do enter any guild (it’s a strict class system that doesn’t allow for much movement between different guilds- but if you’re born into a family of blacksmiths you’ll probably be fine either riding the ranks of blacksmiths or moving to similar craft guilds)

Advice? Thoughts? (If there seems like there’s issues with the system let me know- I’d be interested in how that can generate story ideas)

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