Hello, I know a lot of people post this kind of thing but I enjoy reading through them so I hope someone will enjoy reading through mine! Just looking for general feedback on my worldbuilding, or if you've got any ideas.

The Scepturi are magical beings from a different dimension who are made up of a different type of matter called "crystal" that can store energy called "kyrios" (magic). They appear human, as they are the creators of humans and designed them after themselves.

Most things in their dimension are made of crystal, not necessarily just rocks. In a living creature, kyrios is their life force. There are several natural sources of kyrios as well: the sun, the moon, and the stars. These sources can be tapped into much like resource mining, but your everyday Sceptre can only access the kyrios in their body. This limits the amount of magic they can use at once, as they must be careful not to drain their own life force. However, it does take a significant amount of use in order to have an impact, as life energy is much greater than any other type of energy. If someone chose to use their entire life force, it would be the force of a large bomb. There are drugs that can temporarily enhance an individual's potency, but are addictive and destructive.

Magic practice and training revolves around learning how to limit the amount of your kyrios you use for each cast, making your magic use more efficient and targeted. Elemental control is genetic, so if your parents are a fire and earth type you're probably gonna have a level of control over both. However, "purer" bloodlines have much stronger control over a single element. This sort of plays into the social structure and classes of the world.

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The story revolves around ultra powerful demigods called Astrals, who draw their power from the stars. Typically there's only one that appears every millennium or so (Scepturi are immortal unless killed), as they are sent by the sleeping goddess of creation in her dreams, only in cases where the destruction of their race is imminent.

Since they draw their power from the stars, they have access to an essentially infinite energy pool. It's nearly impossible to kill one, through history it's taken entire armies to fell a single one. At the time the story takes place, there are already two active Astrals from a previous event that the world is still recovering from. The main character in the story is a third Astral, taken from the human world, as the next threat that the goddess dreamed of was conflict involving humans and Scepturi.

How can I improve this? Thoughts in general?

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