I was planning to introduce in my story a character named "Chad", well, thanks to the incels I decided to change it, the problem is: I still don't have the new name. It's not just the name, the character himself is a good looking guy who girls like and he is the current boyfriend of the MC's love interest (tho, the MC is also what these guys would call "A Chad", Jeez, I feel ridiculous writing this) so I decided that it's better to change to avoid any associations.

The other name I was considering was "David", because of the movie Sabrina and the influence it had in the story I'm writing, but I had a personal experience involving someone with this name and people who knew back then could easily associate my writing to it and think is the reason why he's named David. I considered calling him "William" because of William Holden who played David, but I just don't see myself calling him that.

His original name supposed to be "Gregory Chadwick Trafford II" but now that I'm changing the "Chadwick" part I guess I'll change the whole full name. Did anyone here have a similar problem? Any suggestions on what I should change it for or if it's actually necessary?

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