I'm in my 10 standard. My overall grade has come up, but my grades in math are pretty low. I started making short films a year ago, just trying to improve for my love to the craft. I could write pretty fluent dialogue till now. But because of my grades in math, my mom has put me on a schedule, where when i am free, I start to feel tired, and I can barely keep up to write. I was working on my next short film, and I feel like a failure, all the writing was forced, I was feeling stuck. I became blank. I tried to convince my dad about switching my school, or getting me homeschooled but he doesn't listen.

I have a tight schedule and barely get the time to breathe. My mom fueled with expectations and hopes from me that I graduate from this school, which is really prestigious. But she doesn't understand, that I don't have the capacity to study that much, and she expects me to give up writing till I reach college (which is 3 more years).

Nobody tries to understand, that I love writing and I can't give it up. At the end of the day, I feel wasted, and feel the need to helplessly cry, because if I'm good at anything its writing, which I'm now becoming a failure at.

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