Fighting the Nightmare (Premise Feedback)


So this premise stems from a recent dream, though I'd like to flesh it out some more. After hearing about it what catches your eye most, what seems off, and what would you like to see explored in a fully fledged story?

The world has been afflicted by a rapidly spreading cause of death related to sleep. Those under it's influence have onsets of night terrors with an increasingly strong fear of closing their eyes. The drain on their mental and physical condition causing a myraid of health problems including heart failure.

There is also a rise in abnormal activity. Reports of people being thrown about during like ragdolls during a robbery, and lightning in the city on a clear day become common place. The cause of these seemingly unrelated events is a curse that has been unleashed upon the world.

A corruption of the soul that latches on to subconscious fears and desires, feeding on life energy for some unknown purpose. Only those of exceptional will are able to control it, using it's power to turn their dreams into reality. The wicked bringing their twisted machinations to life and the "righteous" trying to stop them.

The catch? The curse will eat your soul in the end, the power gained for b afflicted who try to speak of it directly feel burning pain and a silent tongue, therefore it has gained a fitting moniker for the frightening unknown.


The story follows a protagonist trying to find the source of the Nightmare so save his sister who has started showing symptoms. Once he gains his own abilities he's forced to confront who he is through his desires becoming manifest, and trying to come to terms of the cost of his power while being unable to seek solace from others.


That's what I have so far, still need to find where I would like to go with the plot but I wanted to hear what looked promising and what feels flat before I move forward. Thanks in advance!

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