I have been seeing a lot of articles about this or that company funding concentration camps. I have seen stories about who actually built them. What I can't seem to find is even an approximate amount of money spent constructing them. For example, I have seen tons of articles saying that Deutshebank is opening its books regarding its involvement in funding Auschwitz, and many times I see statements like "there will be a report released soon" or some such and I can't find any of the reports. How much money did they provide the Nazis to build it?

Just to be very clear, I am not denying the Holocaust happened, I am just trying to fill in an obscure blank in my knowledge of what happened. It fascinates me that such large construction of such large death camps was done in some degree of secrecy. It would be interesting to know how much of the Nazi German GDP went in to building these things. The operational costs could be an interesting thing to know as well. Did the Nazis directly use German tax money to fund these sites or did they just do it all in secret through private organizations?

Source: reddit post

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