Finished reading Pet Sematary and Skeleton Crew


Im 18 and I’ve recently started to read seriously for the first time in years. Yes I’ve read books for school, but never really on my own time. This is a first for me, but I’m very happy I picked up the hobby because I just read through two incredible books that filled me with all different kinds of emotions. I finished reading Pet Sematary about a month and a half ago and read the last story in Skeleton Crew just last night.

I didn’t think Pet Sematary was scary (save for one part), but it was still a great book regardless and was a hell of a lot better than the god awful movies. I think my favorite part of the book had to be the dread Louis felt at the fact that there was a literal corpse walking around his house and he couldn’t tell anyone about it.

Gage’s death was handled so well in the book. I like how the book tries to play it off as if it didn’t even happen, only for the sheer weight of the truth to hit you like a truck when you turn the page to the next chapter. I can only imagine how shocking this part was for people who didn’t see the film beforehand. Those 3 or 4 chapters after Gage’s death were genuinely hard to get through because the grief and sorrow felt so real.

Skeleton Crew was a mixed bag. I loved a lot of the stories and also hated a lot of them. I was able to give it a pass because I learned later in that a lot of the bad stories were written by King when he was still in college. The ones that really stuck out to me were The Mist, Survivor Type, The Jaunt, and The Raft.

I loved how the monsters in the mist were described. King gives you just enough detail to give you a basic idea on what they look like, but leaves the rest up to you. It’s the one story of his that really lets your imagination run wild with eldritch creatures and nightmares.

Survivor Type was fucking hard to read. I don’t really like gross out horror but I feel like this one did it so well. It reminded me a lot of a book called Hatchet that I read as a kid. It’s the same premise, just that Survivor style is a lot more violent. Those last few journal entries left a put in my stomach.

The whole concept of the Jaunt is just cool. I can tell King took some inspiration from hyperspace travel in other sci fi media, but he put an excellent twist on it so that it’s not too similar. This one especially freaked me out because I think I’m one of those people who wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes closed.

The Raft was the scariest one to me. I’ve been diving for a good 8 years now so the thought of an organism like that existing in real life (and it’s very possible) terrifies me to the core. My grandparents also own a cabin that looks just like the one described in the story and even has a raft out in the middle of it lol. I won’t be going back there any time soon.

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