As the title says, I am currently 32 346 words into my first draft (been working on this for about 6-7 months now) and I have been constantly switching languages in the draft… I constantly feel like I want to write it in my mother language but then eventually switch back to English only to hate how I write it in English (because I actually like the flexibility of the Finnish language) so does anyone have any advice on how to combat this problem? For now in the meantime I'll switch back to Finnish and see what will happen before reading any solutions as I don't want to stop and wait for answers(because I want to get this done…)

Which leads to my second problem… I have often "reset" my story within the draft for example at first it had a race meeting another race for the first time and suddenly (don't know where or when) they have apparently been living with this other race for centuries now? I keep changing the story so much I feel like I am barely starting out even if I have already written about 30 000 words…

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