I have two chapters I am debating using as my first chapter for my novel. They fit interchangeably within the timeline as they are different characters.

The reason I am debating this, is because I have got a couple comments that my first chapter has…well, 3 lines of dialogue in 6,600 words, and that isn't as "captivating."

I'll do a quick breakdown.

Current chapter 1: This will be the overall MAIN Main Character of the Seven book series, but her part in this book is fairly muted, save for her origin, which is this chapter. It is a lot of introspection, escaping a bad situation alone and such. One character, 2 throwaway deaths, and the fleeting glimpse of another secondary character who saves her as she is passing out from injuries. 3 lines of dialogue, spoken to herself. Extremely dark and the general tone is despair.

Interchangeable chapter 2: Contains a lot of dialogue. Contains the second of the two most important characters to the series, and 3 other characters who I would consider "top billed" cast. A lot of action, a setup to a major plot point. Less dark, and more straight up fantasy setting.

Which of the two do you believe would be the best to lead with? I know its hard without reading, but, in general–more dialogue and characters or less is more?

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