I know, this gets posted all the time, but I'd love to hear some advice on my system.

First things first, there's 2 races in my story: Arcanians (humans) and Dragons (humans, but with wings). Only Dragons can cast magic, because they have "Souls" while Arcanians don't. The basics are as follows:

  • Dragons can cast magic of any element. If they use magic of their natural element (a dragon from the fire tribe using fire magic), then it'll use up their stamina. Other elements use magic energy, which is a type of energy produced by the blood passing through the blood vessels (like a hydroelectric turbine) and is stored in the body. The amount of energy spent is directly proportional to the user's proficiency with that element. If it runs out, you have to either wait it out or use a Blue Crystal to get most of it back. (Note: when the heart rate is higher, magic comes back a bit faster due to the increased speed of the blood in the vessels.)

  • Each person has their way to measure the amount of energy they have. My main character makes a transparent light blue flame appear on the back of his hand; the smaller it is, the less magic he has. Another character uses her nails to measure it; if all 10 of them are glowing, she's full. If only one hand's nails are glowing, she's at half, etc.

  • Sufficiently trained individuals can manipulate their natural element around them instead of producing them manually, like in Avatar. It still uses stamina, but it looks cool.

  • There's a subsystem called the Rune or Circle system, which consists of symbols designed to act in a certain way when powered by magic. They're mainly used to easily cast complicated spells that requires the elements involved to follow very specific "orders", or to conveniently cast passive spells such as a strength buff or a healing spell, like the circles in Fullmetal Alchemist. When the person gets used to the feeling of the spell, they can cast it without the help of the Rune. Also, people who study Runes can read their foe's symbol and potentially guess what they do. For convenience, people draw their circles on stickers and stick them on their bodies whenever they have to use them. Note that using Runes also spends magic energy.

  • Elements can be combined to produce all sorts of effects, like using lightning and fire magic to make an unstable bolt of red lightning that explodes on impact, or using darkness and earth magic to hide boulders in dark portals.

  • Like real life skills, some people can do tricks of their own with magic, such as making water sculptures.

  • Culturally speaking, there's not much to say about magic. Children can learn to cast magic before they can even speak, and just like us, they're taught to not use it to hurt others and all that jazz. Magic is allowed to be used in public, but if you hurt someone, the cops have to intervene and possibly apprehend you. But generally, everyone uses magic to do things conveniently. An example is whenever my characters need to sit down, they make a small stone pillar rise from the ground. Before eating, they make a large stone slab rise to serve as a table. When they need to fetch things like a remote or a tool, some psychic magic does the trick.

Tell me what you think!

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