I am a math, physics based person who always wanted to write a story. However, I've always struggled to create something from nothing. My mind works on trying to recognize patterns in numbers and algorithms. I've focused a lot on the Technological Singularity (singularity) and tried to image different time periods in this singularity. I've worked on a dozen different little shorts, more from a thought experiment then story telling perspective, but the most recent thought experiment hasn't been able to leave my mind and I can't help but want to learn more about them.

Background for this specific Universe: Genre Sci-Fi fantasy.

Inspirations: Never Ending Story I/II, Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Matrix

The technological singularity in my story is a man made heaven. However, we are so far into the future (5 billion years) that the original humans are more mythical creatures of lore then they are actually involved in the universe. (After a billion years you not only have done everything you wanted to do, but had enough time to literally do everything. So the overwhelming majority 99.999997% of humans have deleted their profiles.) The humans that remain, I've decided on 3, have power beyond comprehension, literally able to manipulate the world around them (like neo in the matrix). The earth itself is only populated by different types of electronic vehicles and drones (EV's) whose purposes are maintaining the system on the outside.

Unfortunately, the Sun is swelling to a red giant and significantly increasing the amount of electro magnetic radiation that is bombarding the system. The computers are getting fried, data starts to become corrupted, the world literally starts to turn to nothing (similar to the emptiness in never ending story). The story starts right after a big solar flare causes our man made heaven to reboot.

Our main protagonist is the system interface named Atom, his data is corrupted and he can't remember who he is, but he has an overwhelming sense that the world is broken and its his job to fix it. He is a young adult who lives in the largest city ever known. He can only see the sun peaking through the towering buildings for 1 minute a day. The city was designed to house entirety of the human civilization, if not just for a moment. Similar to purgatory, humans would first enter the city, and then work with Atom to create their idealized version of heaven. Some Kingdoms take longer to create then others, and the original creators of the system didn't fully understand the limits to Myte's law, so the city grew at an astonishing rate. The city was the largest area in the whole universe, and the most data/power consuming area because of it. The system reboot reset all the characters agilitiy, stamina, pain receptors, back to factory settings. The humans who first inhabited the system felt it was important to have limits on everything, just to feel like they were still alive. However, their decedents didn't have the longing to feel human. So they had no qualms with turning off pain systems and setting their phyical traits much higher than normal humans just to make their existence easier. Eventually enough generations past where the non-human characters that occupy the system have lost the ability to access the physical properties options and instead panic. Atom being the interface and first intelligence in the singularity, is unaffected the property reset. So he maintains higher than average levels of strength, endurance, agility and limited feelings of pain. When he finally leaves the boundary of the city to start his adventure, the city vanishes into nothing.

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I still haven't decided how I'm going to have our characters traverse from one boundary to another. More than likely I'll be using different natural biomes that set the theme for the next area. (Ie Giant Redwoods that separate the prehistoric biome from surrounding, black forest separates medieval biome, water cave access to fantasy dragon biome, the antennae trees and so on. Each biome is controlled by a "Genius"(title pending).

Geniuses are the first children born in the singularity. The systems #1 goal is to keep people happy. This is heaven, people must be happy in heaven. There were those who found love after death and wanted to have kids. Each Genius is a perfect child, at least what the individual parents believed to be perfect. Some geniuses are masters of art, others science. A few are muscled giants that can wrestle dinosaurs bare handed, but all are immortal. The closer you are to a genius, the better the non-human characters (NHC) feel, and the more smoothly the system operates. The system, attempting to keep humans happy, started putting more energy into preserving the system integrity around the humans first children (F1's). Some issues I having with my Geniuses. I want to try and represent as much as possible, so the idea of human/hybrids becomes less of a possibility and more of a certainty. There's at least 1 person in the world who's idea of heaven is boundless catgirls running around, or dog demons, or golems, orcs, elves…. I think much of the auxiliary more fantasy based locations might be more suited for a different story in the same universe, however, I still want it someone included as to not catch readers off guard in later stages. I more than likely will have one of the party members be less outlandish (Giant/Golem/elf/dwarf) but be strange enough that the other members comment how different he is. I think it would be great for him to just talk about some of the stranger species he's encountered, but leave the party guessing to whether or not he's crazy/bullshitting them.

A rule the system follows for this story, but isn't a permanent rule. Once a genius leaves his biome, the biome is deleted as the system doesn't see anything in the area worth dedicating system resources too.

Once the protagonist remembers who he is, his goal is to protect the system from the EM bursts that wreaking havok all the time. He remembers how to send commands to the EV's, and instructs them to start constructing a newer system buried deep within the earth to protect it from errant electrical surges. However, none of his commands seem to work. It isn't until they discover that their universe is experiencing dramatic time dilation that he realizes what he needs to do. The system, started to notice more and more humans removing their profiles, and had assumed the humans were no longer happy. Since the main complaint from all the humans was that they already did everything they could, the system slowed down time in hopes to preserve the humans that are still there. Once Atom sync's the time with the outside world, he is able to regain communications with the EV's and have them start constructing the new system. Once they resync times, our characters realize how far in the future they really exist. That the em waves are simply a precursor for the big bad that is starting to happen.

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I did my best to give my protagonist a no win scenario. He's trapped in a digital world, on a dead planet, that's getting swallowed by our Sun changing to a Red Giant. Even if the system can be buried in the center of the earth to protect it from the EM waves, it still won't stop the planet from being completely destroyed by the red giant. The saving grace is the ability to have time dilation. In order to save his universe, he reverses the time dilation. Instead of 1 year being equivalent to 50-100 on the outside. There is an exponential increase so 1st year on the outside can have a 256 years on the inside. 2nd year 512 years pass, 3rd 1028 years pass… In the last micro second, eternity passes.

In order for the system to work, the system has to increase it's energy production and processing power, while the inside inhabitants have to simplify their lives, in a minimalist aspect. You can still have prehistoric minimalism, and future minimalism, but each society would have to find the balance as to not over consume processing power. Once the system is stabilized Geniuses are able to move between biomes, however, the geniuses are still the hubs of civilizations.

This stories preliminary title is "Children of the Singularity". I just named it that so it helps keep me focused on who I am writing about.

I know I have more characters in the universe than I want to include in the book focusing on Atom. My brain storming sessions has so many details, that putting it all together becomes very overwhelming. How do you transition from your outlines, into the actual story?

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