After writing my first book, I fell into a pretty severe depressive episode. I’m finally medicated and feel myself slowly returning to normalcy, but I’m struggling to get back “into it”. I see the things I was able to write before and can’t even fathom how to get back to that point. I still get the “brain fog” — today I could not for the life of me even remember my computer’s login.

I’ve always written in chronological fashion. Even when I’m feeling great and “normal” I have a hard time writing scenes that are just standalones. But I feel like I can’t focus on anything larger. Or anything at all.

I don’t know if I’m ready to start writing again, and sometimes I feel like I’m making excuses as to why I can’t. I have people that want to read my next book. I have friends and family that support me, but I still just…can’t make the “magic” happen. I know it’s never magic. I know it’s the work you put into it. But I feel like I no longer have what it takes, and it breaks me more than anything else because it’s the one thing that I really want to do in life.

I know there’s writer’s block, and then there’s this. I guess I’m just looking for people who have gone through similar health issues. If you’re out there, if you’re struggling with the same thing, I guess I just want to feel like I’m not alone. And maybe we can help each other somehow.

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