French soldier destroyed a German airplane with a fire pump


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So this is a story that has never been published and that might be unique in the history of WWI, and it's my first time sharing it somewhere. A few years ago I found a few postcards albums in an old barn in the countryside of France, postcards that were dated from 1890 to 1930 more or less. The story behind this is that the family who had these postcards was actually some kind of crazy old people who used to steal postcards from old mailbox, when it used to be a public yellow PO box in the street. So the albums are actually full of hundreds of postcards from random people who send news to their families.

So of course, this postcard has never be read by the addressee, and by anyone else.

Here is the translation of the text of the postcard :

"29 of august of 1918. My dear Quilecaille (family name).

So is it working for the extension? I do not know if Devallet has returned a second time, I am going to write him. I believe I will receive a medal, I found a way with my fire pump to drown a boche (insult for German) bombing aircraft from 9000m away in air, that right there is some nice work. You will see this in the newspaper (le Petit Parisien) except there won’t be my name, there will simply be M. X. Anyway I am on it. I wish you health and soon the end of the war. Your friend Boucher."

So that's it, an old true letter of a pilote sending a message to his friend, telling him that he found a way to drown an airplane up in the sky. He might have been running out of ammos and probably used it fire pump and sprayed some water or foam on the other airplane.

Proof (in french) :

Thanks for reading.

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