Hoping from the wisdom of the crowd for this one. I write literary fiction and am active in literary fiction Twitter, but I 1) feel embarrassed about talking about agents on Twitter (no one seems to do so in the small slice of literary fiction Twitter that I occupy!) and 2) feel like I've already asked enough questions from my network.

I started submitting queries to agents in earnest about a 7 weeks ago. Half of my submissions were via introductions and the rest were cold. I've gotten about 8 requests for full manuscripts.

One agent took about a month to get back to me with her rejection. It was incredibly nice and tailored to the submission. Her assistant, or whoever wrote that email, deserves a high five.

The rest (7) haven't gotten back to me. Some of my fulls have been out for 5 weeks, others 4, and still others less. Is it safe to assume that anything that's been out for 4+ weeks is a rejection? Just trying to figure out if I should do another big push to get my work out there.

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