Context: I've been working on a fantasy story/world for the past 4-5 years on and off. I currently have a near completed first draft and two incomplete stories set in this world.

My problem: I have a major twist at the end of book one that sets up some big parts for the future as well as revealing the identity of the main antagonist. However, the twist appears to be similar to a rumoured / theoried twist in another well known ongoing fantasty series that I hadn't read myself. An alpha reader let me know, and I read the books to see what's up – and I can see why the theory is there.

What should I do? Should I change big chunks of my book (that may never get published, and at least will never likely be as big as the series I could be inadvertantly predicting). Or should I stick with it, because it could just be a rumour.

Changing this ending would result in an almost complete rewrite – which im not opposed to.

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