Remembering my times in AP Latin studying the texts of Julius Caesar’s De Bello Gallico, I thought of a question: do we have any documentation of any of the Gallic tribes’ languages? It’s fascinating to imagine how many different tribes there were such as the Helvetii, Nervii, Sequani, etc. From Caesar, we only learn their battle tactics, movements, and locations throughout Europe(and some of the customs described in Book 6). Throughout the Gallic Wars, Caesar describes communicating with the tribes whether through a translator or by letter either conversing with allied tribes or demanding some sort of exchange from the enemy tribes such as the returning of hostages. Whatever the communication may hold, there is some linguistic exchange between the two groups: the Romans and the Gallic tribes.

That being said, are there any records or documentation of any of the Gallic tribes’ languages either first hand from the Gallic tribes or transcribed by any Romans?

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