Hello fine people of Reddit Writing I recently posted a thread on Genres and had some very interesting and informative replies.

It all got me thinking about my own work and how to categorise it and it made me wonder what genre it fitted in, if any?

To explain I am in the process of finishing a novel (1st draft full draught) that has:

fantasy elements in it (beings that humanity regards as demons and deity like beings which humanity has worshipped, reviled or told legends about over the millennia)

Science elements in it (no actual magic, all magical like abilities are inherent physical attributes of the beings involved)

Pre-dystopian elements in that there is an underlying threat to both human and Rakshara (the demons).

It is an exploration of the morality of killing and the larger theme of what makes something good or evil told mainly from the point of view of beings who’s very survival depends upon them eating humans for food, they are not the bad guys or the good guys. It depends on view point.

A lot is played out through three central characters;

A female Rakshara who has pledged to give up eating humans

Her vegetarian human friend who has his own moral dilemas

And a jaded human female haunted by her past deeds.

I went for beings that were “demonic” but not standard demons to try and avoid any preconceptions regarding their behaviour (same went for vampires)

Do I have a genre or something the falls between them? Do I need a genre?

Source: reddit post

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