Genre Shifting at end of Act 1


Hey all!

So im writing a soft fantasy novel at the moment, where the world I create is very similar to the our own world save for a religion I created, some fancy beast names, and the presence of bear people (more on that)

In the beginning, you get the idea that there's SOME magic in this world, but only with these ancient artifacts and 99% of the world doesn't know about it. But overall people hunt like we did, militaries were formed like ours were, and the beginning of the book starts off really slow (but there's still plenty of internal conflict, I wont spoil it)

However, before act one ends a quest begins to search for the other artifacts. Now, act one is pretty slow. Going in the character and his group get the idea that there's power behind these artifacts, but generally don't think they're of much use beyond curiosity. At the end of act one though, they are very brutally attacked by demons guarding one of the artifacts and the characters even had absolutely no idea that this could even happen.

Now, act two and three are meant to start desending into cosmic horror pretty deep. And the end of act one is very brutal, almost a complete turn around of tone. But you learn a lot more about the origins of the bear people, the truth of the religion and the artifacts, etc. But I just wanted to hear what people think about total shifts in tone/large shift in genre in fiction. It goes from a soft fantasy into a cosmic horror fantasy, and although I don't think it's awful because it's still pretty early in the book where things start to accelerate, but when it happens it's jarring because it is kind of meant to be.

Just want to hear opinions, what people think I should avoid, if this should be avoided, how to make it jarring in a good way, etc.

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