Hi guys 🙂 Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get back into writing when you’ve been out of it for awhile?

In undergrad and grad school, I made a horrible mistake and eliminated a lot of “for pleasure” stuff like reading and writing because I felt like I needed to fill my time with things I had to do, or things I “should” do. When I was a child and teen, I would write like a maniac for the sheer love and joy of it- then I shut myself down in college, because of being busy and “shoulding” myself, as I said, but also because I decided I shouldn’t write until I knew how. I got my hands on some craft books and that sealed my creativity away quite nicely when I realized I “didn’t know anything”. 😱

Anyway, I’m making space in my life again for those very important things like reading for pleasure and writing, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting back into the latter. I actually feel a little anxious like I’ve lost it and I don’t know how to approach it anymore. 😕 Does anyone have any suggestions for greasing the creative wheel and getting the words flowing again? 🙏🏻

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