Gettysburg Civil War Story Help


So when I was a kid we went to Gettysburg for Boy Scouts we were walking all day going around all the sites looking over the vast fields and one story stuck with me years later but the details are fuzzy. So I was wondering it is even true or something Ive just read from other sources somehow transplanting itself into Gettysburg.

During a stop near one of the low stone walls the story was told. Roughly goes as follows

"Here is where one of the more outlandish stories originates. During the battle a group of Union soldiers was under fire as they took cover behind this stone wall. 2 soldiers in particular of note here, one was a smaller man sitting beside his friend, a behemoth of a man as they were fired upon. As they returned fire the smaller man was hit. He died in the large mans arms, his best friend watching him slip from life. Enraged the large man charged the Confederate force firing upon them taking up a melee weapon(I think it was either a scythe or something else unconventional to be in the hands of a union soldier) throwing chaos among them killing dozens uncaring of any wounds he took. Eventually the Confederates manage to disengage some of their men from the melee and surrond the giant out of his reach. They fire and fell the giant ending his rampage."

Im 100% sure thats incorrect in some sense but is a vague semblance to what I remember. If anyone else knows if any stories like that exist from Gettysburg Id be delighted to know. And also would be satisfied knowing if its a bunch of bull created from more than decade old memories.

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