So, I’ve always wanted to be a published novelist and I really am halfway decent at it. I’m super clueless when it comes to life in general, but schooling has been especially confusing to me. Right now I’m a junior planning on going to university, but I have no idea what classes to take.

I guess my naïve little mind always just sort of assumed I’d major in English or Literature or something, but over the past few years I’m starting to realize that… it might not be the best plan?

Like, I have many friends planning on going into traditional business fields and now I feel like a total idiot with my passion for art and writing. I need someone to give me some cold hard truths, I think.

Should writing/art just be a side hobby? I know it doesn’t pay well even if you DO get published, usually. Obviously I’ll have another job but the question is if I should get a different career, what I should major in instead, etc.

I’m just really stressed out. And I have no idea what college is like or anything, I’m an American high school student with ~4.0 gpa and I do okay on standardized tests like the ACT/SAT. But I’m very inexperienced with adult-ing.

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