Graphical Timeline of Early Modern Europe


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This is the timeline of early modern Europe I have been intermittently working on for the past year. Its advantage over other historical timelines is that it presents many relevant information together: Instead of separate timelines of countries stacked on top of each other, in this timeline different countries interact with each other. Another advantage is seeing most wars in Europe at a single glance. For example “Why didn’t the Ottomans intervene in the Thirty Years’ War?” is a common question. To answer it you simply find Thirty Years’ War in the timeline and check the Ottomans row in the same period. And you see a war with the Safavids, distracting them. I also added important events, rulers and scientific or technological advances for more information and context.

On top of all this information, there is a graph portion above which takes half the space. Here you see population and state income data for the countries in every 50 years. Note that state income data is hard to find and hard to calculate, for different countries have different taxation systems and we don’t have all the data we want. These data are the best I could find. (Trivia: The article is written by Şevket Pamuk, brother of famous Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk).

Ever since I got into early modern European history two years ago, I tend to take notes of important events, their motivations and consequences and when they happened. My memory is not great, so otherwise I forget all the stuff I read, which is frustrating.

I looked for historical timelines in the internet, but I couldn’t find one which satisfied me. They were either too shallow or filled with trivia (and had some mistakes). So I started to put my notes together in a word document to make my own timeline instead. That document is more detailed than the image I share, it contains more events and breakdowns of peace treaties. Sadly it is also far from finished, and not ready for sharing yet.

This version is only the first one, and there is no doubt the timeline can be improved further, information and presentation-wise. So I will appreciate any feedback you might have.

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