In two months, I am going to represent my association and seat at the table with someone who has been part of many controversies for many years and who is a public figure.

The ideal and political views of this person are not aligned with my association's mission statement. But it's because our mission is identifying dialogue as the main tool to solve problems that I go to meet with this person.

Many support this dialogue to happen, but many are deeply affected by us seating at the same table. My work is therefore not only to make sure our values and views will be represented at the table, but also to demonstrate to those who believe in us that it's necessary sometimes to seat with the ennemies of our ideas.

Looking back in the history of humanity, we would find many of those moments where men and women with very strong differences in their view of the world and in their values will seat and will in some ways contribute to solve problems or to make the world a better place.

I would like to list all these moments in History. What are for you, going as far as possible in history, those moments ?

The association I represent is focusing on children's growth and well being. Do you have any recollections of those moments that would involve also children ?

Thanks for your help. You support will allow me to illustrate our actions and reassure our community.

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