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In honor of this newborn Holiday, I agreed to share some thoughts on this topic.

Happiness Do you remember the last time you felt deep happiness ?

Normally, it takes years of pain and personal anguish to appreciate the joy that simple things may bring to you. Just like push and pull, Tui and La, Yin and Yang.

“The legends say the moon was the first water bender. Our ancestors saw how it pushed and pulled the tides and learned how to do it themselves.“

— Yue to Katara.<1>

I believe everything which makes us happy already belongs to us and that we are born with the resources to achieve eternal joy.

Take time and observe some of the documented “happiest people”.Who are they and what do they have in common?

Well to start, they are Finland, Denmark, and Norway according to an article written by CNN’s Katia Hetter today.

The World Happiness Report was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations on March 20, the date that the United Nations has declared to be the International Day of Happiness.

The report ranks countries on six key variables that support well-being:income, freedom, trust, healthy life expectancy, social support and generosity.

“The top 10 countries tend to rank high in all six variables, as well as emotional measures of well-being,” says report co-editor John Helliwell, a professor emeritus of economics at the University of British Columbia.

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Katia Hetter, CNN

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Just last year, it was recorded that Finland not only had the happiest citizens..but also the happiest immigrants. It’s true that most of the top 10 countries have higher taxes to support their social safety nets. It’s also true that they trust their government.

What the top 3 countries do havethat differs from other countries (not on the list)is these countries are proven to be put generosity and concern for one another before the concerns of the individual. These countries’ social constructs begin with the GROUP and end with THE INDIVIDUAL. Not the other way around. This idea is as follows: when the group is happy, the individual is happy. With these standards, happiness is ensured.

It’s all about the pack.

Maybe instead of concerning ourselves with our personal needs and ambitions, we can try concerning ourselves with the needs and ambitions of each other and what we all want. Together we can strive to achieve this goalrather than millions of us achieving nothing alone.

To end this I just want to say…

Happiness is in all of us. We're born with love to give.

Remove the mask of material possessions and green paper.

Take time to love one another.

We all bloom from the same soil we die in. Give what you have and receive what you’re given.

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