I saw a clip of the new Sabrina show on Netflix. And it was the absolute worst thing ever. I’m serious, it could not have been more obvious middle aged adults tried poorly imitating teen speak. It was such grossly soap boxy, out of touch middle aged executive written shlock. Sabrina and her friends talked the way those college kids in “SJW Cringe” videos do. I mean in the sense that they spoke so outlandishly "politically correct" for a teen.

Oh, I don’t mean being interested in politics is a problem. Plenty of teens are. And it's good to have characters with a diverse set of beliefs. I mean being a complete stereotype of a politically involved teenager. Like when you call someone a meathead you obviously don’t mean everyone who works out is a dumb, muscle obsessed jerk. Rather someone overly obsessed with coming across as tough, to the point it undermines their own character.

You know how Adam Sandler’s notable for his man child personas? And you’d say “This guy at my work is just like that!” It'd wouldn't mean all guys that age were like that. It's like if you saw one of Adam's movies and assumed all grown men were childish slackers. In this case the writers assumed teens actually talked like 26 year old political studies students.

I can just imagine out of touch adults seeing that and thinking “All teens talk about bringing down the white patriarchy! That’s how kids are these days!” And having a negative perception of today's teens. I'm not kidding when I say Sabrina and Co came off as just genuinely gross people.

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A character doesn’t have to be likable to be a well written character. But what the hell was going on with Sabrina and her friends? Aside from "bringing down the white patriarchy" junk (why bring race into it?) In the clip she gets mad at her principal for not accusing the entire football team of sexually harassing a girl.

He asks her the guys name and she tells him “I don’t have the names. But bring in the entire football team and question them.” Then casts a revenge spell on him when he refuses to do so!

Not only does Sabrina talk like a 26 year old college student, she’s completely going about things the wrong way! Why not have her use magic to find and punish the creep targeting girls? Maybe the principal is a sexist jerk in the rest of the show but if so Sabrina was still in the wrong for wanting to accuse the entire team.

Maybe the context of the episode saves it but I highly doubt it. It was such a gross example of “This is what the kids are about these days right?”

And the acting was fine. Sabrina was acted great! It’s such her character is an out of touch executives idea of a teen girl. I'm not overly political, if you have differing opinions you do you. But don't create poorly written characters to be your soapbox.

What are some examples you guys have?

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