Hello, I am currently writing a story and posting it on a free story sharing site. In the story, a young woman is helping a young man become more confident and comfortable in his own skin. The main reason she’s helping him is so he has the confidence to finally admit his true feelings to a girl who has been his friend for years. Here’s where the problem comes in. I had planned to have the guy slowly realize his feelings for the girl who is helping him and eventually end up in a relationship with her, so kind of a love triangle thing would occur.

Unexpectedly, people who have read the story really like the girl who is his friend a lot. I haven’t given her a whole lot of time or character building yet so it was confusing to me. Now I’m worried people are going to be upset when he does end up loving the woman who helped him. What can I do so people aren’t mad when that happens? Or how can I make the girl who helps him more likable? Thank you in advance for any help.

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